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Why are your prices so high? I got a much better price from another supplier.


Thanks for your kind information. However its already the best price we can offer to you now.

We have been in solid surface field for very long time, and seeing many companies prosperity and decline in this industry; we know more of our competitors than you do, and we have also seen prices as lower as it can.

Some typical factors to give you more insights:

1. We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in this industry and continuous improvement, we have our own successful secret recipe to make products.

2. What material we use is high quality, like the resin we use. We purchased resin at Lucite International (China) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd from year 2008 to now. Some upgraded option is imported from the Korea. So our product will not easy to be yellow in at least 5 years, but some cheaper products may be yellow in 1~2 years.  

3. We only hire experienced and skillful workers to achieve the best craftsmanship while others constantly hire entry-level interns or even outsource to someone else.

4. Our bathtubs and basins are obtained ISO, CE and CUPC certification. A scanned testing report can be sent to you at any time.

5. We have a very well-trained team of designers, sales and QC staff who attend good training sessions on a regular basis. If you work with us, you will be very much impressed with our professionalism and effectiveness.

6. We work with renowned companies in the industry because our quality is proven and well received. So work with us, try our products and you will be our next long-term customer.

If you want very low prices as request on us, sorry we really cant do that. Although we want to cooperate with you, but the cooperation should be based on mutual benefits. If you choose us, our products will be worthy of your choice.