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What are the features of your Solid Surface bathtub and basin?


*Appearance: scratch resistant; durable; non-porous; stain resistant; easy to clean/maintenance..

*Application: hotel, apartment, villa, resort, residential bathrooms etc.

*Known to have excellent thermal properties and will maintain bathtub temperatures longer than other commonly used materials.

*Durable: It is solid throughout whole body, very durable and if taken good care of, a fine quality solid surface bathtub or basin can be used for several decades.

*Style: Solid surface is priced to compete with natural stone or quartz surfacing. It is available in many colors and patterns. The material can be formed to shape, which makes it appealing to commercial and industrial designers.

*Its non-porous characteristics, combined with durability, renewability and formability make Solid Surface the material of choice for many designers and architects.

*Repairable: Should the material become scratched or broken, solid surface can, in most cases, be repaired quickly by a certified solid surface repair company or trained fabricator.

*Upscale material, contemporary and fashion designs, good options for star hotels.

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