Bellissimo mainly use two types of materials during solid surface basin : Solid surface & Stone resin .

Most clients choose matt finish for Solid Surface, and glossy finish for Stone resin .

Because Solid Surface material is stronger than stone resin, its density is greater, so it is smoother than stone resin. And because the solid surface is stronger, it's more difficult and taking more time to polish the solid surface than stone resin. By the way, the Solid Surface material is similar with Corian, just different in materials composition ratio (Formula).

Solid Surface / Stone Resin basin dont like ceramic products, if ceramic products have defects, they can not be repaired. But Solid Surface/Stone Resin can be repaired. Therefore, Solid Surface / Stone Resin products only have qualified product or unqualified product .

We have our own R&D ground to develop new designs; OEM and ODM are acceptable, we can make your own designs according to you drawings, photos, or ideas.

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