Bellissimo Bathtub is solid throughout whole body, very durable and if taken good care of, a fine quality solid surface bathtub can be used for several decades. Bellissimo bathtubs have many advantages about the apperance , such as scratch resistant,durable,non-porous,stain resistant and easy to clean/maintenance. we conduct quality checks throughout the whole process of incoming, in-process and outgoing.

Along with the good performance and advantages, solid surface are gradually accepted by the market, and Bellissimo solid surface products enjoy a good reputation among our customers.

We have about 10 years experience in solid surface product, try using a lot of different materials, we have been committed to solve the problem of yellowing of these products, and get good results. We purchased acrylic resin at Lucite International (China) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd from year 2008 to now. That's why our prices are higher than others. We have many clients who we are cooperating with for 6-7 years, but haven't received complaint of yellowing problem. And some of our clients, once they had purchased some cheap solid surface products from other factory, and then they found out the items would turn yellow within one year of usage, so they come to our factory and become our clients.

When you need to clean and maintain Solid surface and Stone resin products , you can use strong detergent , scouring cloth ,and water to clean . If these items can not handle the spot, use sandpaper to polish again. For more details, please see attached <Care & Maintenance Manual for Artificial Stone Products>.

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