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Sofitel Inle Lake Myat Min hotel--Myanmar
❉Hotel profile

Customer : Sofitel Inle Lake Myat Min hotel--Myanmar
Cooperation mode: Hotel designated sanitary ware cooperation supplier
Customer scale: Four-star hotel

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Customer profile:

1.Sofitel is a multinational luxury hotel with a chain of hotels in 40 countries. On 25th March 2018 ,it has opened her door. It is the first Sofitel hotel in Myanmar. This hotel lacated on the shores of lnle Lake, overlooking the mountains and rice fields, so it is undoubtedly the ideal place for the couples and tourists who want to seeking peace in Myanmar.

2.The hotel has 101 rooms, including 36 deluxe rooms, 25 junior suites, 12 privileged suites, 27 theatre suites and 1 royal suite, they all have separate large bathtubs and wide showers room.

3.The designed of the hotel is around the theme of “nature”, so the interiors of all the rooms are cleverly integrated into the unique local character.The traditional Burmese motif and the using of bamboo&rattan can make you feel like being in nature.
❉Customer Demand


1.The bathtub styles need to find the balance between “traditional” and “modern”, they must to match the modern high-tech facilities in the room.


2.Sofitel is surrounded by Inle Lake and some rooms are semi-open, the accessories use of bathtubs and wash basin must be protected against corrosion.


3.The size and design of the rooms are inconsistent. Therefore, it is necessary to recommend matching bathtubs and wash basins in different dimensions. For royal suite, the sink we use must to be customized the size.


4.Easy to clean and maintain.



1.We get architectural drawings after our customer's permission and then discuss with our designer & Sofitel teams. To match the color of Burmese motif, bamboo and the high-tech facilities, we recommend 8 models of white color bathtubs and 8 models of sink which same shape of the tub.


2.For the unique design and semi-open royal suite, we use the large size round shape tub, Customers can see different angles of the outdoor view from different locations in the bathtub. Mean time, we also use the solid surface to custom the design of the basin and bathroom shelf It can let the tourists have a more comfortable experience in a fresh and natural atmosphere.

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3.About the material, the characteristics of solid surface we use is high toughness and not easy to crack and deform. And it is considered to be an environmentally friendly material and passed the non-toxic test, so it will not cause harmful radiation to the human body. One the one hand, for the accessories which match the tub&basin, such as faucet and drainer, we use the brass body and increase the thickness of chrome.

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4.To solve the clean and maintain problem, we offer 5 years for our products and provide our specialized cleaning kits including customized cleaning and maintenance paste, sander, sand paper, cotton cloth, etc

❉Appreciation service

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1.When the first time the hotel manager visit our factory, while we recommending using the environmentally friendly solid surface materials, we also provided some raw materials for him to bring back to Myanmar for environmental testing.

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2.After we get the sink drawing from the Sofitel designer, we discuss the structure of the products and provide a free samples in 7 days.

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3.In order to prevent the damage of the bathtub during the installation process and affect the opening date of the hotel, we send repair materials and repair teaching videos to customers in advance.

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