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Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam
❉Hotel profile

Customer : Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam
Cooperation mode: Hotel designated sanitary ware cooperation supplier
Customer scale: Four-star hotel

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Customer profile:

1.On 16th July 2018 Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam will open her doors! Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam is the first hotel filled with museum-quality minerals and fossils.

2.227 rooms, 10 floors. Suites and apartments all equipped with luxurious finishes.

3.Each floor has its own theme which has also influenced this floors design. The main theme is: Ammonite. An ammonite is the fossilized shell of a squid by the same name. The different 'rooms' of the Ammonite are clearly visible through the lines on its exterior. The squid lived in the last, largest room of its house. If that room became too small, a new, larger room was formed in which the animal lived on. Just like an Ammonite, Ammonite hotel consists of many different rooms.
❉Customer Demand
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1.The size and design of the hotel rooms are inconsistent. Therefore, it is necessary to recommend matching bathtubs and wash basins in different dimensions.

Bellissimo-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam | Project Case-2                

2.Durable, Material of bathtubs and basins are environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body

Bellissimo-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam | Project Case-3                

3.Easy to clean.


Bellissimo-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam | Project Case-4           

1.We get architectural drawings after our customer's permission. Our sales representative discuss with our designer & R&D team teams. To match the color of tile and mosaic, style in each room, We recommend 12 models of white color solid surface bathtubs and assorted basins with suitable size to our customer, and collect all the information including price list, products drawings, container qty, etc. According to the purchase quantity, we also reduced MOQ from 30 to 20 pcs per models appropriately.

Bellissimo-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam | Project Case-5                

2.On the one hand, the characteristics of solid surface material we use is high toughness and not easy to crack and deform. On the other hand, it is considered to be an environmentally friendly material and passed the non-toxic test, so it will not cause harmful radiation to the human body. And the high quality resin and imported pigment we used can make our products not yellowing or discoloration for more than 5 years. We also show our CE certification test report to our customer to ensure product quality.

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3.The matte finish bathtubs and basins look more elegant and upscale with whole decoration effect of the room. Also to make the matte surface easier to clean, we provide our specialized cleaning kits including customized cleaning and maintenance paste, sander, sand paper, cotton cloth, etc.

❉Appreciation service

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1.We provide a free sample within 1 week for our clients to check the quality first.

Bellissimo-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam | Project Case-8                

2.Our customers advise that human damage occurred when they install the bathtub and basin.  We send patching material and repair instructional videos at once after we know the detailed situation. Finally, in order to catch up with the opening date of the hotel, we sent 1 experienced worker and 1 QC to the site and help.

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